My Story

john rucker

B.S. in Exercise and Wellness

I chose a degree in Exercise and Wellness because of my own struggle to find something meaningful to do with my life that will affect others in a positive manner. Something that I’m passionate about. Something that will continue to challenge me physically and intellectually for the rest of my life. The world of Fitness does all of this and SO much more. With the knowledge obtained through my degree I empower people everyday to take charge of their lives by meeting their fitness goals through a science based approach that is safe but will KICK YOUR ASS!

NASM Certified

Personal trainers, aren’t required to have a license, or training, or even experience. They don’t have to know CPR, or how to find a pulse, or the difference between healthy exhaustion and a diabetic blood-sugar stupor. In fact, they’re not required by law to know anything!

A six pack and a great ass are not credentials for taking someone’s physical health into your hands.  

Not only am I a Certified Personal Trainer through The National Academy of Sports Medicine but have helped countless others get certified through my role in student success and product development for the company. With over 4+ years of education on the subject, I know what I am talking about!

My plans are unlimited on a monthly basis. I'm your trainer, meal planner and accountability coach. If I can't keep you accountable, then you won't hit your goals. I want to make training feasible for you, which means you can still have that cheat meal, you can still have a rest day, and financially, this is realistic for you. For a fee of $99 per month, you'll get my full program.
Abso-fruitly. Just make sure you cancel before your next billing goes through, as we can't process refunds.
If you don't see results after three months, and you've followed my diet to a T, then I'll happily give you your money back.
Ideally, you'd always eat organic, but again, my philosophy is realism. My plans cover foods that you can buy anywhere. So, just do you.